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LED Light Therapy


 Ice baths offer numerous benefits including flushing out lactic acid, reducing post-exercise inflammation, activating brown fat for weight loss, stimulating the Vagus nerve, promoting relaxation and mental resilience. Dopamine release fosters inspiration and happiness, while cooling your core temperature aids recovery. Experts recommend 11 minutes per week, split across two to three sessions, to beneficial results.


Embracing the cold not only revitalises your body but also uplifts your mind, offering a holistic approach to well-being.


Dopamine Release

During an ice bath, dopamine is released, enhancing your mood, leaving you inspired and invigorated. The quick plunge into the bath boosts your spirits, providing a natural support for stress, mood disorders and fatigue.

Exercise Recovery 

During an ice bath, your blood vessels constrict, expelling lactic acid and toxins, reducing post-exercise inflammation. This natural detoxification process promotes muscle recovery and overall well-being.

Stimulation of Vagus Nerve

The cold plunge stimulates your vagus nerve, triggering relaxation, reducing stress, and enhancing mental resilience. This natural calming effect promotes overall well-being, fostering a sense of inner peace.

Activation of Brown Fat

The activation of brown fat, triggered by the cold, enhances energy expenditure and can aid in weight loss when combined with a healthy lifestyle. Studies show cold exposure enhances metabolism, can help to clear blood glucose, and boosts insulin sensitivity.

Inflammation & Pain Relief

Cold baths may alleviate sore muscles and pain by reducing inflammation and slowing nerve signalling, decreasing pain perception. Studies indicate benefits for post-exercise soreness and chronic conditions like arthritis.

Enhanced Immune System

Regular cold water immersion boosts white and red blood cell counts, fortifying the immune system for better overall health.

*Results may vary depending on your individual circumstances.


 Do - Ease Into It

Begin with mild temperatures and shorter times in the bath.


Do - Breathe Mindfully

Control your breathing to relax during cold immersion. Practise steady inhalation and exhalation. The '6:6' method—six seconds inhaling, six seconds exhaling—can help. Mastering breathing enhances mental and physical effects. Our team at Kalm can guide your breathwork during your first visit.


Do - Stick With It

Consistency is key. Designate a specific time for ice baths, forming a habit. Benefits compound with regularity, enhancing overall well-being and adaptation.


Don’t - Stay in Too Long

Limit sessions to 3-5 minutes, 2- 4 times a week. Prolonged exposure risks hypothermia. Once you are comfortable you can extend slightly but should not exceed 10-12 minutes per session.


Don’t - Heat Up Too Quickly

Avoid immediate warmth post-bath to maximise the metabolic effects. Letting your body naturally reheat, activates brown fat thermogenesis and increases energy expenditure

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