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Kalm Springs Red Light Body Therapy
LED Light Therapy


 Red light therapy uses specific light wavelengths to target diverse body areas, stimulating cellular ATP production, vital for cellular regeneration. Backed by clinical studies, this therapy accelerates healing, enhances muscle recovery, boosts sporting performance, supports chronic pain, fortifies immunity, rejuvenates skin, elevates mood, and fosters improved sleep, for a holistic approach to wellness and vitality.


Our Red Light sessions include 20 minutes under the light, we recommend 10 minutes on each side of the body or if you have a specific area of recovery 20 minutes focused on one area. Wearing your swimwear or underwear is best to expose more area to the light. The bed is private with a curtain and a towel is provided.



Mood and Restful Sleep

Elevate your mood and sleep quality through the positive effects of red light therapy. Scientific studies suggest that it may have a significant impact on mood regulation and sleep patterns.

Skin Health

Research indicates that Red Light enhances skin tone, stimulates collagen production, reduces wrinkles, and alleviates acne. Embrace a radiant complexion and youthful glow through this natural and non-invasive approach.

Pain Management

Experience improved mobility and reduced discomfort, enhancing your overall quality of life.Red Light can offer relief from musculoskeletal pain, joint discomfort, arthritis symptoms or managing chronic pain.

Inflammation & Wound Healing

Enhance tissue repair, reduce inflammation, and accelerate the wound healing processes. Whether recovering from injuries or surgeries, red light therapy aids in the body's natural healing mechanisms.

Red Light Safety & Results 

Our lights are full FDA Class II Medical Devices, meaning they are very safe and reliable, and will bring you more benefits.


The timeline for experiencing the effects of red light therapy can vary, influenced by factors such as the amount of sessions per week and individual response. While some might see improvements within weeks, others may need consistent treatments over several months. 


Red light therapy, with its increasing popularity and potential benefits for health and aesthetics, remains a captivating area of research and exploration in the realm of natural and non-invasive therapies. The key is to stay committed and embrace the transformative possibilities of red light therapy for your overall well-being.

*Results may vary depending on your individual circumstances.

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